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OCIO Services for Financial Advisors

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How Advisors Work with MarketDesk

MarketDesk OCIO Services are a seamless extension of your team and expand your firm's resources. You gain a long-term partner at a fraction of the cost of a new employee. From macro strategy to asset allocation to crafting client insights, our team specializes in the labor-intensive aspects of portfolio management. MarketDesk allows you to save time and refocus your energy on growing your practice.




Extensive Research

Our team maintains +30 active ratings on core asset classes. You receive access to the full library of supporting research.

Model Portfolios

The investment research drives model construction. Our team provides monthly commentary and performance updates.

Client Insights

You receive white label materials to communicate key insights to current and prospective clients.

Quarterly Checklist
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About Our Firm

Founded in 2019, our mission is to provide wealth managers with institutional tools to make their advisory practices more cost and time efficient. MarketDesk is an independent firm, ensuring that our interests are 100% aligned with yours — we sell no fund products and have no AUM fees.

Our flat-fee subscriptions include Research Tools (asset allocation), OCIO Services (portfolio construction), and White Label Insights (client communication and marketing).

Consolidate your

portfolio management,

asset class research,

and client insights

Financial Planning



RIA Building Blocks

Portfolio Construction

ETF / Fund Research

Risk Management

Client Communication

Advertising / Marketing

Financial Planning



Established Investment Process

Our investment approach is centered around evidence-based investing. Instead of basing decisions on near-term trends or “expert” opinions, our team focuses on historical data, leading indicators, and statistical probabilities to guide core asset allocation ratings and tactical idea generation. This quantitative overlay rewards facts, not opinions.

Evidence Based Investing

Who We Serve

MarketDesk is trusted by 100+ wealth management teams across 31 states



Firms using MarketDesk solutions


Growth of our firm last year


Billion of clients' AUM


Robust solutions built for wealth management


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