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White Label Insights

Your Marketing & Client Communications Team for 1% the Cost 


Increase client engagement and grow your practice with white label insights. Our team creates the content. You customize the insights with your brand and clients receive timely market insights.

Automate. Simplify. Grow.

Build Stronger Client Relationships

Stand Out & Convert More Prospects

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What's Included?

✓  4 Quarterly ChartPacks  Sample >

✓  4 Quarterly Client Letters  Sample >

✓  Audio / Podcast Versions  Sample >

✓  Compliance Support Files  Sample >

✓  White-label all materials with your firm's brand

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How It Works


Automate Content Production

Our team provides timely market insights with easy-to-understand graphics. Simply add your firm's brand.


Save Time & Boost Client Engagement

Distribute your branded content via email, website blog, and social media. Differentiate your business by educating current clients and reaching more prospective clients.


Grow Your Practice

Increase client satisfaction and spend more time engaging with prospects.

Supercharge Your Marketing Toolbox

Communicate with clients and prospects through a variety of mediums and multiple platforms.

Email/Direct Mail: Send your branded market insights to current clients, prospective clients, family, and friends.

Website Blog: Post monthly and quarterly market insights to your firm’s blog and gather prospect emails.

Social Media: Share branded market insights on your personal and firm social media accounts.


What type of market commentary is typically included in the White Label Insights?

All white label insights are written in client-friendly language and intended to provide high-level market commentary. Quarterly insights provide a macro discussion of the most recent quarter and an outlook for the quarter ahead, including a general analysis of risks and opportunities. All white label content avoids making market predictions.

Can I use the White Label Insights without making any edits?

Yes. All white label content is designed to be used “as is”, meaning you can brand the content with your firm’s information, get compliance approval, and start using it right away. 

Can I alter White Label Insights?

Yes. If you would prefer to add or remove commentary, you can edit the document as you see fit to include your own opinions and market insights.

How can I customize White Label Insights?

We encourage you to customize the white label content. Announce firm accomplishments and awards. Highlight firm employees. Share media appearances. Introduce summer interns. Notify clients of upcoming events. Add a lifestyle section. Reference exciting events in your local community. The possibilities are endless!

How are White Label Insights distributed?

All white label materials are emailed directly to you in Word and PowerPoint formats.

When will I receive the White Label Insights?

All white label content is emailed to you in the first week of each new quarter.

How do I brand the White Label Insights when I receive them?

Our team produced a step-by-step video showing how to brand the white label content as your own. All you need to do is add your firm’s logo, contact information, and compliance disclosures.

What does the compliance support package include?

To simplify compliance approval, our team provides a compliance support package that includes all relevant information for cited numbers and embedded charts. All you need to do is send the compliance support package along with your branded market insights to your compliance team.

How are White Label Insights billed?

White Label Insights are billed annually. Once your payment is received, we'll send you the most recent insights to get started right away.

When does the service renew?

Your subscription renews on an annual basis.

How can I contact the Client Service team?

Send us an email at

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