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Founded by a Goldman Sachs research team in 2019, MarketDesk Research was built to offer institutional quality research to advisors, investors and allocators. Our goal is to provide a differentiated viewpoint based on a commonsense investment philosophy. All too often, investors over analyze and spend too much time on details that do not matter. On the contrary, our team believes it is important to simplify the market narrative and focus on the key drivers of risk and return.

Our Clients

Our clients include RIAs, family offices, institutional investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, wirehouses, OCIOs, and OSJ Platforms. See below for one of the several ways MarketDesk Research can partner with your firm.

Investment Committees

  • Investment Research

  • Strategic Ratings

  • Idea Generation

  • Model Portfolios

Advisors / Client PMs

  • Research Summaries

  • Client Talking Points

  • White Label Insights

Business Development

  • Entice new advisors to join your platform with a complete research offering

  • Complementary insights and portfolio strategy from a trusted partner

Multiple Partner Solutions 


Why MarketDesk Research?

One Simple Equation:


Client Value

Value Received

Time Spent Consuming Research

Additional Client Answers:

✓  Independent / No Hidden Agenda — 100% of MDR’s revenue comes from research subscriptions. We succeed only if our clients succeed.

✓  Comprehensive Yet Succinct — Our goal is to maximize the amount of value you receive given the time you spend reading the reports.

✓  Actionable Ideas, Not Just Commentary — MDR focuses on actionable research. True value-add isn’t just highlighting a trend. It’s discussing how to position portfolios to benefit from the analysis.

✓  Priced Competitively / Free up Capital — MDR’s offering is priced competitively to allow investors of all sizes to access institutional quality research. Our goal is to be an outsourced team member.

By The Numbers

Client Retention Rate

MDR is dedicated to clients' success and treat each client as a long-term partner, helping to navigate investment research, portfolio strategy, client marketing and communication. 

Average Research Savings

MDR's solutions are not only affordable for new RIAs, but also have saved several of our clients tens of thousands of dollars transitioning away from legacy research providers.

$64 Billion
Clients' AUM

Our clients include RIAs, family offices, institutional investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, wirehouses, and OCIOs representing over $64 billion in assets under management .


Investment Philosophy

✓  Ask Questions / Pull at Threads — The process starts with understanding fundamental questions. It becomes less structured as the analysis deepens to allow the team to uncover the opportunities.


✓  Simplify the Narrative (Avoid Overanalyzing) — Overanalyzing distracts investors from the big picture. The success of most investments depends on one or two key factors. Isolating those factors allows investors to focus on what matters and spend less time on insignificant information.


✓  Markets are Efficient, but Not Always Right — Investors often overlook important information in a rush to be first. In the end, well-researched facts usually influence the outcome.


✓  Monitor Risk / Reward — Understanding both sides of an allocation is important in portfolio construction. Investors should always determine if they are compensated enough for the risk they assume. High-risk and low reward can lead to long-term underperformance.


Track Record

MarketDesk Research's primary goal is high-quality idea generation. For accountability we provide a track record of our long-term Strategic Ratings, Tactical Opportunities, and Model Portfolios. Click below to view each track record.

Strategic Ratings

MDR's long-term asset class recommendations (12-18 months).

View Track Record >

Tactical Opportunities

Ideas independent of our asset allocation model (3-18 months).

View Track Record >

Model Strategies

Quantitatively managed with the goal of superior risk adjusted returns over well-known factor ETFs.

View Track Record >


Learn how wealth advisors and institutional investors are leveraging MDR's data driven insights to make optimal, informed portfolio decisions.

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