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Research Tools

Institutional Data-Driven Resources for Financial Advisors

Increase your asset allocation conviction with institutional resources and portfolio tools. MarketDesk's quantitative approach helps guide your firm's portfolio decisions.


Analysis across asset classes and macro conditions. Timely strategy pieces and Quicktake commentaries to keep you ahead of the market narrative.

Key Reports

  • Quarterly Asset Allocator's Guide

  • Monthly Strategy Snapshots

  • Monthly Roundup

  • The Weekly Note



30+ ratings across sectors, factors, credit, and international markets. Monthly updates designed to monitor current views and inform positioning.

Key Reports

  • Monthly Sector Insights

  • Monthly Economic Monitor

  • Monthly Credit Strategist

  • Monthly Equity Factors

  • Monthly International Markets



Idea generation across industries, themes, and equities. MarketDesk's data-driven tools help to systematically find tactical opportunities.

Key Reports

  • Bi-Weekly Tactical Tradebook

  • Weekly U.S. Stock Scores & Ideas

Tactical Ideas

Audio Insights

MarketDesk reports are also available in audio format to be efficient with your time.

MarketDesk Research Tools for Financial Advisors
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Macro Strategy

Dissecting the Market Narrative to Inform Portfolio Positioning

MarketDesk Asset Allocators Guide

Asset Allocator's Guide

Macro Strategy

Quarterly roadmap to guide portfolio allocations and enhance investment committee decisions.

MarketDesk Weekly Note

The Weekly Note

Macro Strategy

Weekly report discussing timely market topics. Page 2 highlights six timely charts defining each week. Page 3 is a weekly asset class performance heatmap.

MarketDesk Strategy Snapshot

Strategy Snapshots

Macro Strategy

Monthly report providing an in-depth look at market moving-themes and key portfolio implications. 

MarketDesk Monthly Roundup

Monthly Roundup

Macro Strategy

Highlights key trends and provides core rating updates intra-quarter. Pulls together key commentary from the monthly core reports. Designed for advisors with limited time.

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Core Ratings & Analysis

30+ Ratings across Sectors, Factors, Credit and Global Markets

MarketDesk Sector Insights

Sector Insights

Core Ratings

Fundamentals, earnings, technicals, sentiment, and investor positioning.

MarketDesk Credit Strategy

Credit Strategy

Core Ratings

Ratings and analysis across credit classes, including treasuries, corporates, and international bonds.

MarketDesk Global Markets

Global Markets

Core Ratings

Summary of macro trends and key indicators across global markets.

MarketDesk Economic Monitor

Economic Monitor

Core Ratings

Key indicators across labor, consumer, housing, manufacturing, and more.

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Tactical Ideas

Idea Generation Across Industries, Themes, and Equities

MarketDesk Tactical Tradebook

Tactical Tradebook

Tactical Ideas

Data-driven tool designed to systematically find tactical opportunities. 

MarketDesk Stock Scores

U.S. Stock Scores & Ideas

Tactical Ideas

Efficiently find new ideas in the S&P 1500 across various screens.

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Learn how 150+ wealth management firms are saving time, lowering costs, and growing their firms with MarketDesk.

MarketDesk Research Tools for Financial Advisors
MarketDesk Research Tools for Financial Advisors
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