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Evidence-Based Research


Our approach to research is centered around evidence-based investing. Instead of basing decisions on near-term trends or “expert” opinions, our team focuses on historical data, leading indicators, and statistical probabilities to guide core asset allocation ratings and idea generation.  This quantitative overlay rewards facts, not opinions, and allows our team to simplify an often complicated market narrative and provide actionable ideas.

Independent Firm


  • Solely Focused on Client Success — Our only objective is to help clients make optimal portfolio decisions. 100% of MDR’s revenue comes from research subscriptions.


  • No Hidden Agenda — MarketDesk does not manage any investment products. We will never recommend a rating or allocation just to cross-sell an ETF or mutual fund.

Why MDR?


  • Comprehensive Yet Succinct — Our goal is to provide high-quality research and be efficient with your time. Reports include audio versions, annotated insights, and bulleted takeaways. 


  • Actionable Insights, Not Just Commentary — MDR focuses on actionable research. True value-add isn’t just highlighting a trend. It’s discussing how to position portfolios to benefit from it.

Macro Strategy

Strategy pieces and quicktake commentaries to keep clients ahead of the market narrative. 


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Core Ratings & Allocations

Ratings & views across U.S. equities, international markets, credit, and economics. Our latest views drive the core asset allocation model. 


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Tactical Ideas

Idea generation across industries, themes, and international regions. A deep dive report is published on each new idea and our strategists track the opportunity until the position is closed.


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Analysis across asset classes and macro conditions. Timely strategy pieces designed to breakthrough a complicated market narrative and focus on what matters. These investment strategy publications pull together high-level takeaways from Equity, Credit, and Macro coverage areas.


  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Snapshots

  • Monthly Roundup & Core Model

  • Quarterly Asset Allocator's Guide

  • Ad Hoc QuickTakes

Asset Allocator's Guide

Quarterly roadmap to guide high-level portfolio allocation decisions.


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Thought provoking analysis on market moving topics in under 3 minutes.


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Strategy Snapshots

Timely strategy pieces looking across asset classes and macro conditions.


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Monthly Roundup & Model

Summary of ratings changes and key takeaways from the month.


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30+ ratings across sectors, factors, credit, and international markets. Monthly updates published at the start of each month. Designed to recap the prior month, monitor current views, and inform positioning. Commentary and annotations focused on keeping clients ahead of the market narrative and providing tactical ideas.


  • Monthly Sector Insights

  • Monthly Economic Monitor

  • Monthly Credit Strategist

  • Monthly Equity Factors

  • Monthly International Markets

U.S. Sectors

In-depth look at fundamentals, earning trends, technicals, and investor sentiment / positioning.


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Economic Monitor

Tracks key indicators across labor markets, consumption, housing, manufacturing, and more.


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Credit Strategist

Ratings and analysis across credit classes, including treasuries, corporate, and international bonds.

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Equity Factors

Insights and data points across core factor exposures.


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Idea generation across industries, themes, and international regions. A full deep dive report is published on each new idea, and our strategist team tracks the story until the position is closed.

Tactical idea performance is tracked and refreshed weekly in the Tactical Tradebook, which also includes real-time catalyst and risk updates. 


  • Weekly Tactical Tradebook Update

  • Bi-Weekly Tactical Opportunities

  • ETF & Stock Ideas

Tactical Ideas
Weekly Tactical Tradebook

Summary of all open positions, ad hoc updates on catalysts, and performance


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Homebuilding Industry ETF



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S&P 500 High Beta ETF



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Vietnam Country ETF




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Additional Features

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Strategist Calls


Have a question on a report or the markets? Book a call with our team to talk through a tactical idea or how to implement our current views within your portfolio.


Custom Research


Whether you have a specific question on an area of the market or would like a deep dive report, our team can accommodate a variety of requests.

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Quantitative Indicators


Our team is building several quantitative indicators that can be used on everything from asset allocation to sector investing to global economics. 

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