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Advisor Benefits

Save Time & Cost While Unlocking Your Growth

MarketDesk is a seamless extension of your team and expands your firm's resources overnight. You retain complete control and gain an independent partner focused on your long-term success.

Why Partner with MarketDesk?

You are focused on growth, but you also want to continue providing the level of service your clients have come to expect. Driving growth is time-consuming and can often strain your limited resources. Most likely, your firm has reached the stage where you are trapped by scalability – perhaps your AUM has doubled in recent years, or maybe clients are asking for a wider array of high-net-worth services. All wealth management firms reach a point where they must find new efficiencies as they scale to the next stage. 


MarketDesk offers you the opportunity to save time and refocus on growing your business. Our full suite of solutions adds efficiency to your day-to-day workflows. Our platform is designed to serve as a seamless extension of your team, expanding your portfolio management capabilities and enhancing your client communication. Advisors that use MarketDesk enjoy simplicity in their practices, allowing them to focus on exceptional client service and strategic growth.

Our 3-Step Workflow

All three MarketDesk solutions are built to work seamlessly together. Download the Quarterly Checklist to see a roadmap of activities related to portfolio management and growing your practice when you partner with MarketDesk. 




Extensive Research


Our team maintains 30+ active ratings on core asset classes. You receive access to the full library of supporting research.

Model Portfolios


The investment research process drives model construction. Our team provides monthly commentary and performance updates.

Client Insights


You receive white label materials to communicate key insights to current and prospective clients.

MarketDesk Quarterly Checklist

Quarterly Checklist

MarketDesk Unlock Your Growth

Unlock Your Growth
Streamline Operations & Prioritize Growth

Unlock your firm's growth potential by leveraging MarketDesk's solutions that streamline workflow processes, increase efficiency, and free up valuable time. Say goodbye to labor-intensive, non-revenue-generating tasks, as our platform saves you hundreds of hours annually and allows you to prioritize client acquisition and strategic growth.

 Save Time & Increase Efficiency – More time with clients, friends, and family

 Reduce Labor-Intensive Tasks – Save hundreds of hours each year

 Implement Scalable Solutions – Resources that integrate seamlessly together

MarketDesk Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions
Upgrade Your Firm Overnight

Wealth management firms that experience outsized growth are not spending years of valuable time on the internal development of models, client presentations, and asset allocation frameworks. Instead of reinventing the wheel, supercharge your firm and experience accelerated growth with MarketDesk's turnkey solutions. 

 Timely Client Insights – Communicate effortlessly with your clients and prospects

 White Label Resources – Dynamic ETF and quantitative equity strategies

Best-in-Class Solutions – Transform your wealth management firm overnight

MarketDesk Independent Partner

0.00% AUM Fees
The Independent  Partner You've Been Looking For

Most service providers require financial advisors to hand over discretionary authority and/or pay fees based on their AUM. MarketDesk is built differently. Our platform expands your firm's capabilities at a fraction of the cost, while you maintain complete control over your portfolios and client relationships. 

 No Asset-Based Fees – Flat-fee subscriptions based on seats, not AUM

 Reduce Costs & Complexity – Expand your resources at a fraction of the cost 

100% Independent – Your firm's success is our only priority

MarketDesk Institutional-Grade Framework

Institutional-Grade Framework
Robust, Repeatable Processes

MarketDesk's best-in-class solutions allow you to build a world-class wealth management firm. Our integrated platform streamlines workflows and strengthens the client experience. Designed to add efficiency to your practice, we provide institutional-grade resources and workflows across research, model portfolios, and client communication. Put simply, MarketDesk serves as a seamless extension of your team to help you meet the increased expectations of today's clients.

 Built for Financial Advisors – A platform tailor-made for wealth management firms

 Flexible Partnership – Subscribe to one or all of MarketDesk's solutions

 A Noticeable Difference – Your clients will see the change in your firm

Additional Benefits

See the Difference 150+ Firms Already Have

MarketDesk Portfolio Benefits

Portfolio Benefits


  • ​Increased Conviction in Allocations

  • Rigorous Portfolio Construction

  • Enhanced Risk Management

MarketDesk Operational Benefits

Operational Benefits

  • Retain Custody & Portfolio Discretion

  • Seamless Workflows Integrations

  • 24/7 access to the MarketDesk team

MarketDesk Growth Benefits

Growth Benefits

  • Scalable Solutions Built for Advisors

  • Expand Your Capabilities Overnight

  • Easy-to-Implement Resources

MarketDesk Time Benefits

Time Management Benefits

  • ​More Time for Client-Facing Activities

  • Get Time Back with Friends & Family 

  • Refocus Your Team's Efforts on Growth

MarketDesk Client Benefits

Your Clients' Benefits

  • Timely Insights & Communication

  • Presentations to Grasp Topics More Easily

  • More Consistent Portfolio Construction

MarketDesk Cost Benefits

Cost Benefits

  • Pricing Based on Seats, Not AUM

  • Consistent Pricing as You Grow

  • Save Costs on Existing Subscriptions

Explore the Platform

Learn how 150+ wealth management firms are saving time, lowering costs, and growing their firms with MarketDesk.

MarketDesk Platform for Financial Advisors
MarketDesk Platform for Financial Advisors

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Built for Financial Advisors

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