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Professional is the most popular subscription package, consolidating all of your research into one source. Starting at $149/month for a full team, MarketDesk Professional is a wealth of knowledge.

The subscription includes access to all Core and Idea Generation reports including our award winning Weekly MarketGuide. The Professional package also includes premium access to all future reports currently in development (see below).

The reports are delivered directly to your inbox.  All you need to do is open the email and begin your day.

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Portfolio Strategy


Technical Analysis


Macro Insights

Earnings Trends

Thematic Strategy

Asset Flows

Sector & Industry Analysis


Core Research

Sector Strategy Research

In-depth look at sector fundamentals, valuation, earnings trends, technical analysis, breadth, sentiment, and investor positioning.

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Delivered by noon ET every Friday, this is your guide to the markets. It covers all major asset classes and global markets with a focus on what matters for your portfolio.

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Opening Quote
Daily Pre-Market

Delivered by 8:30am ET, the Opening Quote serves as your starting point for the day. Designed to be quickly digested, getting you up-to-speed before your day starts.

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Idea Generation

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Thematic Investing

Monthly deep-dives into thematic opportunities. Each report has thematic basket of stocks and tear sheet (catalysts, key risks, fundamentals, technicals, etc).

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Friday Strategist

Delivered noon ET every Friday, the Strategist explores asset allocation opportunities driven by key economic data and market moving headlines.

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Top 10 ETFs

This report looks beyond qualitative metrics (AUM, Fee, Liquidity, etc.) to analyze individual holdings data for 2,000+ ETFs to find investment differentiated opportunities.

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Idea Screens

Delivered by noon ET every Friday, Idea Screens filters the full universe of Russell 3000 stocks through 40+ investment screens to increase your efficiency.

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Coming Soon

Asset Allocator's Guide

How are investors' positioning globally across asset classes? This report aggregates flows, estimates and recommendations for you.

CORE  |  Coming Spring 2020

Global Economics Pulse

Finally a report that makes economics palatable: key indicators, what they mean for your portfolio, and a look at their impact on all asset classes.

CORE  |  Coming Spring 2020

Technical Analysis

Weekly summary of opportunities and risks across global equities, indexes, regions and sectors. Key levels to watch, breakouts and market breadth.


IDEAS  |  Coming Spring 2020


Analyzing all major commodities: energy, metals, agriculture, and consumer products. The report focuses on market cycles and highly correlated stocks and ETFs.


CORE  |  Coming Spring 2020

Earnings Season Monitor

Examining the health and direction of earnings across sectors, ETFs, and regions. The analysis reviews company internals, revision trends, beat/miss, sentiment and volatility.


IDEAS  |  Coming Spring 2020

Credit Research

Coverage of sector, regional, corporate and sovereign trends: issuance levels, default rates, global spreads, credit ratios, and biggest spread movers. 

CORE  |  Coming Summer 2020

Dividend Strategy

Strategic and tactical model portfolios with a primary focus on companies growing dividends, special dividends and dividends to avoid.


IDEAS  |  Coming Summer 2020

Policy Research

Current legislation and regulation at the State and Federal level. This report discusses the market signals, impacted companies and timing. 

IDEAS  |  Coming Summer 2020

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  • MarketGuide

  • Idea Screens

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  • Top 10 ETFs

  • Thematic Playbooks

  • 11 Sector Strategy Reports

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