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OCIO Services

Enhance Your Investment Committee Decisions
MarketDesk Outsourced Chief Investment Officer ("OCIO") Services are a seamless extension of your team and expand your firm's resources. You gain a long-term partner and retain complete control. 

Data-Driven Asset Allocation

Everyone claims it, but no one actually does it. MarketDesk clients receive all of the underlying data and statistics behind our asset allocation calls. Click below to see samples of our team's off-consensus research. 

Established Investment Process

Our investment approach is centered around evidence-based investing. Instead of basing decisions on near-term trends or “expert” opinions, our team focuses on historical data, leading indicators, and statistical probabilities to guide core asset allocation ratings and tactical idea generation. This quantitative overlay rewards facts, not opinions.

Evidence Based Investing

Portfolio Construction

MarketDesk is an independent firm, ensuring that our interests are 100% aligned with yours — we sell no products and have no AUM fees. The MarketDesk ETF Asset Allocation Models are easy-to-implement solutions, built with active risk management. The tax-efficient models are constructed using low-cost passive ETFs and have a total blended ETF fee of 0.07% to 0.10%. Commentary is provided monthly for the ETF models and quantitative stock model portfolios.

MarketDesk OCIO ETF Asset Allocation Models

ETF Asset Allocation Models
Smart Portfolio Recommendations & Commentary

The ETF asset allocation models are constructed based on current MarketDesk ratings across U.S. equity, credit, and international markets. Core Series is our most straightforward model portfolio series and uses diversified, low-cost equity and fixed income ETFs. The Tactical Series combines MarketDesk's core ratings with targeted tactical tilts to generate additional outperformance and manage risk.

MarketDesk OCIO Stock Model Portfolios

Quantitative Stock Model Portfolios
Turnkey Equity Sleeves for Client Accounts

Turnkey solutions to run customized equity sleeves for clients. The quantitative models are rooted in statistics and use fundamental data and consensus estimates to maximize objectivity in security selection. The models are updated monthly and published with portfolio commentary. Available models include: Dividend, Momentum, ESG, Large Caps, and Small Caps.

Additional Resources for Your Team

Market Talking Points
Key Answers to Common Client Questions 

Have you ever received a call from a client out of the blue asking about the market and their portfolio? The Market Talking Points are a tool built to help solve this common occurrence. The one-pager provides concise answers to the most common client questions, including near-term and long-term market outlooks, key takeaways from the latest economic data points, current asset allocation views, and much more.

Proprietary Quantitative Indicators
Portfolio Tools to Guide Smart Asset Allocation

The Weekly Quant Pack is a collection of proprietary indicators and risk management tools developed by the MarketDesk team. The quantitative indicators decrease market noise by focusing on the facts and data to guide core asset allocation. A few of the tools in the weekly report include S&P 500 Earnings Indicator, U.S. Sentiment Indicator, and Manufacturing PMI Leading Indicator.

How it Works

MarketDesk offers an easy-to-implement solution with a three-step workflow. Download the Quarterly Checklist to see a roadmap of activities related to portfolio management and growing your practice when you partner with MarketDesk.




Extensive Research

Our team maintains +30 active ratings on core asset classes. You receive access to the full library of supporting research.

Model Portfolios

The investment research drives model construction. Our team provides monthly commentary and performance updates.

Client Insights

You receive white label materials to communicate key insights to current and prospective clients.

Quarterly Checklist
MarketDesk OCIO Services for Financial Advisors

Download the Free Advisor Playbook

What's included? Model Portfolios, Market Talking Points, Latest Macro Views, Client Communication Material, and the Quarterly Checklist.

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