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2Q 2021 Asset Allocator's Guide

Positioning Portfolios for an Unprecedented Environment

What's Included


This flagship quarterly report provides ratings and analysis across core asset classes and is built to help with portfolio rebalancing. Topics include 6 charts impacting the market in 2Q21, emerging economic trends, large vs small caps, factor and sector tilts, international markets, and positioning across credit duration and quality. The asset allocation model on page 3 implements the current ratings and views across a representative portfolio.

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Founded in 2019, our firm provides investment research and market insights for wealth advisors and institutional investors. Our solutions include macro strategy, core ratings, tactical idea generation, model portfolios, and white label insights.

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Absolutely! Just sharing some free knowledge that we know you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you evaluate research providers. Our solutions are built for wealth managers and institutional advisors of all sizes.

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