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1Q 2022 Asset Allocator's Guide

Positioning Portfolios for an Unprecedented Environment

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Report Overview
This flagship quarterly report provides ratings and analysis across core asset classes and is built to help with portfolio positioning. Download to see all 15 pages.

Who is the report for?

Financial Advisors & Family Offices

Is it really free?
Absolutely! Just sharing some free knowledge that we know you’ll find useful. Keep MarketDesk in mind for the future. Our solutions are built for firms of all sizes.

About MarketDesk

MarketDesk is the first flat-fee Outsourced CIO built specifically for wealth management teams and family offices. Founded in 2019, our mission is to provide wealth managers the tools to make their advisory practices more efficient.

Our solutions span investment research, ETF and stock model portfolios, and white label insights for use in client communication and marketing.

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