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Client Testimonials

Why Partner with MarketDesk

Clients expect more from their advisors today. How do you meet their increased expectations? MarketDesk serves as a seamless extension of your team and expands your firm's resources. You gain a long-term partner at a fraction of the cost of a new employee.


Portfolio Benefits


  • ​Increased Conviction in Allocations

  • Rigorous Portfolio Construction

  • Enhanced Risk Management


Operational Benefits

  • Retain Custody & Portfolio Discretion

  • Expand your Capabilities

  • More Time for Client-Facing Activities

MarketDesk Quantitative Research.png

Flat Fee Structure

  • Pricing Based on Seats, Not AUM

  • Consistent Pricing as You Grow

Research Tools & Model Portfolios

$370 Million RIA


"I was tired of being pitched the latest & greatest from wholesalers. MarketDesk's concise, straight-to-the-point insights save us time and increase our asset allocation conviction. Clients are happy. We're happy."

$45 Million RIA

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

“MarketDesk provides intentionally to-the-point and masterfully curated macro and micro research for an amazing value. Not only does it save me time as a PM but it provides valuable insights for clients and prospects. On top of this, the team is very responsive in getting back. I'd highly recommend MarketDesk.”

$100 Million Advisory Firm

Founding Partner

"MarketDesk saves me at least 20 to 40 hours a month (1-2 hours a day of research) as it quickly condenses a lot of information to focused topics and facts. I would be hard pressed to go back to my old way of gathering research on the markets that was more inefficient."

$315 Million RIA

Head of Wealth Management

“MarketDesk is the independent partner we've spent years searching for. It's already replaced multiple resources we previously used.”

$400 Million RIA

Wealth Advisor

"Prior to MarketDesk, I'd get several daily emails full of various reports which would often bog me down trying to get through them all.  With the Friday emails I’m able to tackle the full extent of their research on my own time.  We have now brought to our clients a whole other suite of investment offerings / management.  Our clients have really embraced MarketDesk and often ask what's their latest insights."

$15 Billion Corporate Plan

Chief Investment Officer

“The reports are so well designed and easy to consume that our team uses them as a starting point for regular discussions about the structure of our total portfolio. Because we don’t have to find and assemble the data or build the visualizations, this increase in efficiency fuels continuous improvement in our process.”

$350 Million RIA

Chief Investment Officer

“It has increased my personal bandwidth as my thoughts and ideas – whether macro and micro – are either augmented or expanded by MarketDesk. Most importantly, all of this info is presented in a way that does not leave me in a state of paralysis by analysis.”

$85 Million RIA

Director of Financial Planning

“Most firms would charge 0.50% to 1.00% for what MarketDesk provides. The firm has been an exceptional partner throughout our growth.”

White Label Insights

$170 Million RIA


"Every advisory team should be using MarketDesk White Label Insights if they want to spend more time growing their practice."

$440 Million RIA

Director of Business Development

“The PowerPoint slides are great for one-on-one client conversations and zoom calls. The fact that our logo is on every page is the cherry on top.”

$560 Million RIA

Wealth Management Advisor

“Saves our team 4-5 hours every month. I'm sold.”

$95 RIA

Managing Partner

“Like most firms, we've sent out a variety of client communication over the years, but we always felt the touchpoints weren't cohesive. MarketDesk White Label has significantly increased our credibility with prospective clients.”

$230 Million Advisory Firm

Head of Client Communications

"The White Label Insights are the communication strategy upgrade we've been looking for but haven't found until now. MarketDesk consistently delivers institutional looking insights allowing our team to get them out on time to clients."

Put our strengths to work for you.

Learn how wealth managers and family offices are saving time, lowering costs, and increasing their asset allocation conviction with MarketDesk.

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